World Cafe Deep Democracy ensures supported actions

How do you deal with employees who have conflicting interests and ideas, but who have to work together within the same context? In the World Café Deep Democracy we bundle the power of the World Café dialogue and the quality of Deep Democracy. In this way it is possible to connect opposites in such a manner to ensure that there is wide support amongst the participants for the generated ideas.

Deep Democracy is a methodology for teams that wish to resolve conflicts and to exploit differences in order to take sustainable decisions. It provides a meanj of looking at group processes from a different angle and offers a surprisingly effective approach to putting this view into practice. Decision making with attention and appreciation for each other, whereby the wisdom of the minority is included in the decision taken by the majority.

Preceding the three rounds of the World Cafe Deep Democray we hold a so-called “conversation on our feet”. Standing in a circle, the moderator asks a question that we will investigate. Whoever wants to say something, steps forward and speaks out. The participants who recognize themselves in this will stand behind them. The others move somewhere else. Now someone else gives his / her opinion. In this way we explore space together.


Deep Democracy was developed and deployed in South Africa at the end of Apartheid. It is now an effective methodology in more than 20 countries to uncover the undercurrent within an organization and to achieve healthy collaboration. We work with experienced certified facilitators during this form of the World Cafe.

Timing: 2 – 4 hours
Setting: Round tables 150 cm diameter
Number of participants: 20 – 1000
Theme: For you to decide
Goal: Ameaningful, impactful dialogue

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