The World Cafe Experience is a proven methodology used in change management

The ability to change does not quite fit in the way the human brain functions. However, when the need arises, people know how to adapt exceptionally well to the new circumstances. We can regularly help organizations and leaders in shaping and guiding their change management process. In order for organizations to develop, we believe that there should be a learning culture within the organization.

The World Cafe experience can be a very useful methodology to be put to use in different stages of a change management process. It is the actual issue/question that determines if and when this methodology is put to use. For example, at the start of the process the best methodology could be to get out on the table what, in a broad sense, is going on within the organization. This can be of later help when thinking up new ideas, together with the MT. LEGO Serious Play can also be put to use when trying to get a jointly formed idea.

The successful outcome of a change management trajectory always coincides with the support from within the organization. Good communication, leadership and the corporate culture are of the essence. In practice, we also use other methodologies in addition to the World Cafe Experience, such as Deep Democracy and Systems Thinking. Change management always starts with an introductory meeting about your organization and your specific issue.


  • Timing: 2 – 4 hours

  • Communication and learning from each other

  • Possible to fully integrate within the process

  • An inspiring and dynamic session

  • An introduction for the right mindset

  • Total change management trajectory possible

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