Ad Bastiaanse provided a highly interactive Masterclass Storytelling for a group of senior management within KLM. Storytelling is an art that Ad understands like no other: the Masterclass scored highly on appreciation, inspiration and knowledge gained from the participants!

Director Customer Experience,
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Ad Bastiaanse: the power behind story telling and creativity

As a theater artist Ad knows perfectly how to use the communicative power of humour, because humour puts things into perspective. And putting things into perspective means taking a distance, and taking a distance means seeing things clearer. Ad creates the perfect feeding ground for in-depth conversations and inspires the participants of the World Cafe to realize the best results possible.

In order to realize a meaningful dialogue within the World Cafe, Ad Bastiaanse, in his keynote speach, really gets the participants thinking. He shows that the power of storytelling, the sharing of meaningful stories and the trust in a relationship all make it possible to get closer to each other in order to reach the next step.

As a former theater artist, Ad Bastiaanse uses humour and interaction to bring new insights about our behaviour to the participants. He provides the perfect feeding ground for in-depth, real conversations in the World Café. As a moderator he guides and inspires in order to realize best results.

“Don’t tell me who you are or what you are thinking
….. just tell me a story”

Ad Bastiaanse


Ad Bastiaanse has been active for more than 1800 organizations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Austria and Sweden. He is a guest lecturer for the Advanced Management Program at Nyenrode University for 18 years, where he gives training in the areas of Creativity, Authenticity and Leadership.


Talk about ‘hitting the nail on the head’, inspiration, clear argument! His presentation lasted an hour, but it seemed like a minute, everyone hung onto his lips. At the end of the presentation everyone came to thank us for his inspirational story.

Max Holtes
Project Leader Conservation & Mobility,

During an interactive plenary session with my team, Ad very refreshingly held up a mirror in regards to human conditioned behaviour. A very successful afternoon!!

Annette Kuiper
Manager Operations,
RAI Amsterdam

What is the unique story about your organization? How do you penetrate deeply into the experience of your employees with your own story? How do you influence the decision making of your clients/relations?

‘More than ever, our hectic society has a great need for service-mindedness and ethical leadership. A need for meaningfulness and well-being.’

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