Kjell is a passionate and committed moderator, who knows how to capticate his audience. The ideas that he came up with during the preparation phase were excellent and definitely contributed to the end results..

Marketing Executive Nextens

Kjell Lutz: dare to make choices, to take risks, and grow through learning

Do your employees make the wisest choices? Do they dare to take risks? Kejll Lutz has a fascinition fort he way people take decisions. During his studies on organizational psychology he became aware that people don’t always make the wisest choices and the effect thereof on changes or innovations. This awareness became appartent whilst playing certain types of games.

In his humerous introduction of the World Cafe, Kjell Lutz lets the participants experience how choices are really made. He thereby links his knowledge about human behaviour, group dynamics and our brain to the World Cafe themes. He provides new insights, in a playful manner, that reinforce the dialogues.

As a moderator Kjell Lutz links the participants to the themes of the day using lots of energy and enthousiasm. He ensures that there is lots of interactivity and is always at the service of the participants. During the feedback session of the World Cafe he joins in the discussion in order to formulate clear ideas and choices.

A conference is always about the participants, what they want to share with each other and what they want to learn from each other.’

Kjell Lutz


People have a natural need for interaction, often also to be able to exert influence. As a moderator, Kjell Lutz makes every effort to ensure that the attendees do not become spectators, but rather participants who engage in dialogue with each other. His keynote speech supports and helpts deepen the conversations at the table and ensures that the participants take an active stance.


Kjell immediately knew how to set the right tone for our congress “Zorgonderwijsvernieuwers voor docenten en opleiders”. There was plenty of interaction in the room and the whole program ran very smoothly.

Yefke Patiwel
Senior portfolio manager, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

Kjell is distinctive in his knowledge and, with his psychological background, can estimate how we can achieve the desired results and realize the necessary connecting energy. He knew to inspire us during the program and also to create structure by leading us enthusiastically through the program.

Marieke Koene
Trainer/ coach Kuijpers Installaties

Certain games show us flawlessly how our brain makes choices. Bad experiences from the past prevent us from innovating. In a playful way, Kjell Lutz makes clear how we can achieve better decision-making and good actions within organizations.

Make choices, be open to new
information, just do it’.

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