Google Netherlands Summer Event 2017 organizing committee: It was a great pleasure working with Novella, from inception through execution of the actual event, led by the wonderfully engaging Rick Koster.

Maarten Tol
Strategic Partner Manager Google

Rick Koster: learning from each other from accepted inequality

Is your organization in transition? Do you want to collaborate with clients/relations? Rick Koster is the expert in change management, leadership and innovation. He develops and supervises programs that enables us to get moving in the right direction. As a much sought-after speaker Rick Koster, using humour and interaction, provides for new insights.

In the preparation of a World Cafe, Rick Koster thinks along with the client to get clearer  goals and thus derive the best program. What is the best way to introduce the World Cafe? And what are the sub-themes for having a good conversation? In short: how do you ensure an impactful dialogue?

As moderator, Rick Koster monitors the program. In his introductory keynote speech, using his humour, he brings the themes of the World Café to life. After three rounds, he asks about what has been achieved and what would be the next steps. If desired, based on the outcome, a follow-up program can be developed.

‘’Everything you’re looking for is already here,
you just need to find it”

Rick Koster


Rick Koster develops and facilitates international programs such as Nudge Global Leadership Challenge, the European Nutrition Leadership Program and programs on diversity and innovation.
He is active in Belgium, Luxemburg, Iran, Marokko, the USA, a.o. His keynote speech, in English, is substansive, interactive and humoristic and provides for the so often necessary and required motion.


Very clever how Rick can activate a group of 400 people at our conference. We enjoyed his presentation about contact, trust and creativity. All participants went into the break feeling cheerfull, full of energy and many topics for conversation. An absolute must!

Marjol Nikkels
Director, CS Training – VeReFi

Inspirational speaker Rick Koster gave an enlightening view on organizations, communication and the three pillars to success: responsiblity, space and passion.

Betsie Gerrits
Head of national employer services,
UWV Werkbedrijf

What if …..
kids’babbeling, trust fall, freedom, responsibility and trust, leading by example and person swapping all come together in one presentation with humour, surprising insights and interaction?

‘The pleasure of rediscovering
your best self’

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