Project Description

Conference for the Anniversary of the Association of Rotterdam Dentists:
“Anders kijken, geest verrijken!” (
Another viewpoint, enriching the mind!)

1 April 2016


The 23rd anniversary of the Association of Rotterdam Dentists should be a much talked-about conference, completely different to the usual conference. Together with the working group Novella develops a program that fits the need, monitors the content and takes care of the entire implementation, including the expo. Paramount on this day is the interaction between dental professional and patient – an important theme within healthcare.


Rick Koster, moderator, presents the dynamic program in which dialogue and knowedge sharing form the basis. There is a mix of short presentations given by a number of inspiring guest speakers such as Paul Smit, Steven van Eijck and Stefan Coppers and interaction. The day is set around round tables and Mr. Alphons is around, enhancing to the atmosphere. In this way different colleagues get to talk to each other during the day.


During the three rounds of the World Cafe the participants form a dialogue based on the themes Trust, Perception and Communication, Team Work. It is striking to see that the unusual themes get tongues wagging, proving that amongst the participants there is a great wish to participate in the process. Great conversations are held and tangible ideas are borne. Or, as someone said “I’m sure that everyone will get their own insights and actions out of the dialogue.”

The 23rd anniversay, in short:

The anniversary of the Association of Rotterdam Dentists took place in the Schiecentrale. Key words were interaction and “viewing differently/seeing things from a different viewpoint”. Next to the plenary room set up with round tables a meeting area was set up for exhibitors and participants. Alphons was around ensuring all spirits were kept up high during all breaks. Interaction formed the basis of what went on at the tables: all participants switched tables 6 times, according to the routing (by numbers) on their respective badges. This ensured that all participants continously met with new people throughout the day.

There was lots of variety in the program: tailor-made videos, a World Café session, columnists, keynote speeches and “De wachtkamer draait door” (The waiting room continues). The program ended with a special wrap-up of the day provided by Alphons. During drinks all participants received a personalized copy of the book “Anders kijken, geest verrijken” which contains oneliners about dentistry written by numerous well known people. A few weeks following the conference everyone received a personalized magazine which gave a detailed overview of the day. The full day was developed and organized by Novella.

Clear, short communication lines during the preparation meetings with Novella. The atmosphere is exhuberant with a lot of good conversations and many funny moments. Even the sponsors who were present at the Expo joined in. It’s impossible to describe Paul Smit and Rick Koster, you have to see them in person. Humor, surprising content, perfect interaction. Both the personalized book and magazine were very much appreciated.  

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