The effect of the World Cafe during your conference/meeting

The World Cafe can be of added value anywhere where people get together in order to have an open conversation with each other. It could be for anyone working in the field of education, in the government, IT, health services or within your own specific discipline.

During an HR conference, a scientific seminar, in change management, an innovation process or to translate sustainability into tangible actions. Or perhaps you want to generate ideas and effectively brainstorm. For this, the World Cafe can definitely be of added value.

Together with you we would like to think about putting the pieces of your puzzle together. We believe that dialogue can make the world a better place, whereby the beauty of diversity and accepted inequality can also make your organization thrive.

The World Cafe is an ideal methodology to be put to use during a conference enabling participants to network and collaborate on the theme of your conference. A way for you to gain knowledge and for your conference to gain in dynamics.

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Break through fixed thinking patterns and develop exciting ideas? The World Café Experience is an even more effective methodology compared to brainstorming. A first round always starts with brainwriting, where each participant thinks up his own idea and writes them down on the tablecloth.

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The World Cafe Experience is a much sought-after methodology used to provide direction to innovation, based on positive energy. Thinking in terms of opportunities and possibilities always forms the basis of this co-creation session.

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The World Cafe Experience is the ideal methodology for an off-site. Collaboration to get to an actual action plan is the basis for a World Cafe. Whether it’s about innovation, change management or personal development.

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A World Cafe Session is the perfect group activity to get to know each other better. Exchanging ideas and knowledge ensures that the team works better as a whole. This is theway to build an effective team.

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We are regularly invited to assist organizations and leaders in shaping and guiding their change management process. In order to develop an organization we are a firm believer of a learning culture within the organization.

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