The World Cafe Experience is more effective than brainstorming

Want to break through fixed thinking patterns and develop exciting ideas? The World Cafe Experience is an even more effective methodology compared to brainstorming. A first round always starts with brainwriting, whereby each participant comes up his/her own idea and writes it down on the tablecloth. The mix of participants ensures that solutions for the submitted issue are secured in order to realize tangible actions.

The substantive and interactive contribution of our moderator helps the participants to open up their creative brain to a dialogue in which we can freely explore all possibilities. During a preliminary interview we will determine for which issue we will find a solution during the session and what else will need to be done to ensure an effective meeting.

The World Cafe Experience can be used for an off-site meeting, a team building event, a conference, a company event, a strategic meeting, a change management process or any other meeting(s). The World Café can also be set up as a workshop. With its interactive methodology brainstorming becomes very effective, creating lots of energy, developmental power and ownership amongst the participants.


  • Session of 2 – 6 hours based on an issue/ theme

  • Brainwriting = writing down own, individual idea

  • Optimizing solutions through dialogue

  • Inspiring & dynamic session

  • Introductory keynote speech and guidance

  • Entire congress organization possible

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